front porch trash

front porch trash

Sunday, September 15, 2013


In August I listed a very ordinary white blouse.

White, long sleeves, button down, with some sparkly little appliques on the pocket and back yoke and a size 5X.
I know, I know, I should have switched
to a black background, but I was in a hurry
and lazy.
A very nice(?) lady emailed me on the 15th and asked if she purchased the item then could I wait for payment until the 30th? Hey lady, that's two weeks from now!! But I was in the middle of a very dry spell so I agreed to end the listing and reschedule for the morning of the 30th. I did tell her that I was putting my store on vacation at noon that day and if she didn't purchase early in the day I couldn't ship until the 9th. She said that was ok and I set everything up to relist on the 30th.

Guess what?

No sale.

Shortly after I pulled the listing and rescheduled she started sending me messages. Oh....about a dozen or so. Just questions and comments and this and that. Still saying she would purchase on the 30th. Well, that was over two weeks ago and not a peep from her recently and no purchase.


I think she was just lonely and wanted something to do or look forward to or something. I really don't know. But I do know one thing, I won't be doing any similar favors for anyone else any time soon.

I hate it when someone spoils the party for everyone else.


  1. I had a Simba Lion King childs suitcase listed for 3 months without any interest. I had a buyer ask if she bought it that day if she could pay on the 3rd. I was like a 2 week time period. I really did not want to hold that long but I figured why not. at least I have a for sure sale. She bought it and two weeks later paid for it True to her word

  2. I had buyers ask before about a week or two and all of them paid with no problem. This one just seemed lonely and kept talking about other things and not just the blouse. Not a peep from her after the date she said she would purchase. I was in a famine period and thought that any sale would be a sale, so I went for it.