front porch trash

front porch trash

Monday, September 16, 2013


Holy Cow was this a beautiful week end!!

Lower temps, lower humidity and lots of yard sales.

Now keep in mind I just returned from a thrifting vacation and I am loaded down with tons of stuff to clean, photograph and list. Plus I am in the middle of trying to weed out the stuff that is just not going to sell. In other words, I am up to my eyeballs in STUFF.

Did that stop me from getting up at the crack of dawn and going yard sale-ing? Heck no. I was at my first yard sale at 7:10 and kept going.

There were a few here in my town and the "big city" just up the road had quite a few more. I prefer to go to the out of the way, out in the country, yard sales rather than the ones in newer sub-divisions. I don't need baby clothes or all of those useless knick-knacks that are at most yard sales. I like older stuff, mid-century modern and quality stuff.

My first sale of the day yielded only a B&D laser level, with a stuck battery. Now to figure out how to get that $%&# battery out so I can get fresh ones in.

The next stop was better. I picked up a new with tags faux leopard fur jacket, two sets of wooden boggle letters,  and a pair of girls boots. Not primo stuff, but I will make money at $5 total spent.

Next stop was hard to find. My GPS sent me 3 miles down the road and I never did find the house I was looking for. While I was backtracking I stopped at a huge sale. I only found one thing, see
Techno Polly want a snack? The lady didn't know if it worked or not but when I got home I changed the batteries and she talks up a storm. I already downloaded the manual so I could test her. Cute and noisy but not cute enough to keep for long.

The next stop was the best of the day. It was in a barn out in the middle of nowhere in an older sub-division, that turns out was built up around this house and property. And they wanted to get rid of stuff. I got this big banana box of old, old (40-50's) camera stuff. I wanted to buy all of it so we worked out a price, $7 for the lot. I think I did good.
Those cut film holders stacked up on the left go for between $12-25, each. And there is also a bunch of flash stuff, including a big heavy battery pack.And six rolls of unexposed film.
This is the first thing I picked up out of the box. Its a Sears Tower 8mm triple lens movie camera with original leather case. The leather case is really rough but the camera is super cute. I sold a vintage movie camera to a guy a while back that turns them into clocks and sells them on etsy. His clocks were really neat.
This is a Kodak Stereo Camera. I had never seen one of these and it looked neat, and it was still in original case and looked clean.
This is probably the single best thing in the box, although I didn't know it at the time. The lens on the left is a professional Mamiya-Sekor 65mm lens and the thing next to it is a 65mm finder. And they both are fantastic. I should have guessed that they were valuable since both of them were stored in leather pouches. The lens pouch was leather with velvet lining.

So I think I got my money's worth for the $20 total that I spent. And I met SweetiePie for breakfast at our favorite hangout.

All in all a good day thrifting and everything else. I hope I found more treasures than trash.

What did you find?

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