front porch trash

front porch trash

Thursday, January 24, 2013


I wouldn't wish an abscessed tooth on my worst enemy. Pain and swelling and just generally feeling cruddy.

I have a crown that came off several years ago, just after I lost my job. I just got it re-glued and went on with life. Well, I knew that the glue wouldn't hold up forever and eventually I would have to deal with it. Now is the time to deal with it.

Over the past holiday weekend I developed a toothache. That little toothache quickly developed into full blown trouble. Swollen face and sore mouth and just generally feeling cruddy. Don't bend over because your head will explode!!

Went to my dentist to get started on antibiotics so the tooth issue could be resolved. Great news, two teeth may be involved!  Monster abscess!! Can it get any better?  Tooth 12 and 13 may need root canals and crowns. May? When was the last time your dentist said you may need a root canal and you didn't get it?

My dentist couldn't handle the root canal so I called for an appointment for a consultation to maybe get seen by the endodontist for work on the teeth and they are full until February. My dentist was nice enough to give me a referral to the UNC dental school for the work on my teeth. At least I can afford to go there since the work is done by students and much cheaper. But the wait is longer.

Well, the good news is that I can see out of my left eye better and the swelling is going down and I am feeling just a little less cruddy and I may be able to bend over by this weekend to help lay more tile at SmartA** house. And also with the toothache I tend to eat less and eat softer foods, so there is a slim chance that I may loose weight. So I am down but not out!!

Today is SmartA** birthday and it is the first time in forever that I just don't feel like making a cake. She may just have to settle for cupcakes or an Edwards Hershey chocolate pie. I'm voting for the pie.

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