front porch trash

front porch trash

Sunday, January 20, 2013


These little boxes may not look like much to the untrained eye but they truly are boxes from hell. There are 25 boxes of floor tile in that stack of boxes. Each box weighs 50 lbs.50 LBS!!!!

My daughter, SmartA**, is painting and replacing the flooring in her new house before she moves in. Those boxes are enough to cover the floor in her family room, entry hall, other hall, bedroom and studio. She ordered them from the home improvement store and they were going to charge $80 to deliver. That's money she could use to purchase enough tile to do the two bathrooms. So when they came in we took our little Toyota pick-up to get them. The home improvement store is only about a mile from her house. Easy peasy. Or so you would think.

First of all, the flat of boxes were too heavy for the truck. 1250 lbs bottomed out the bed of the truck.  We could make two trips? Then the nice service manager said we could use their rental truck, free of charge, to take them to her house. Yeah!!

But once we got them there we had to unload them. Funny thing, they forgot to include that nice forklift with the truck. SweetiePie took them off of the flat and put them on the tailgate and SmartA** and I carried them inside. One.By.One. 50.Pounds.Each. That just about wiped me out even though I only carried 13 of them. When the flat was empty, SmartA** said, "I'm keeping the free wood. I've earned it"

And then after we got all of the boxes in, we put the first coat of paint on both bathrooms. We almost had to crawl home.
Cabinets are next!!
Anyone care to help remove these cabinets and build cabinets that open on both sides so we can use vintage windows for doors? Easy Peasy? Right? Please say yes!!! 

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