front porch trash

front porch trash

Monday, January 7, 2013


I'll miss her when she moves.

My daughter, Smarta**, bought a house. My baby! So she is moving out, again. She moved out several years ago and lived on her own in a 5th wheel camper. I think she learned rather quickly that the space in a camper is very limited and it is hard to heat and cool. But when it started to leak, it was either spend a bunch to fix it or move on. She chose to sell it as it was and move back home to save enough to afford something without wheels. Good move. During that time she was able to pay off the mortgage on a piece of property and buy and pay off a car. Good girl!!

She purchased an older home about 18 miles from us. It is in a nice neighborhood and was in pretty good shape. Needed painting and the floors needed to be updated.

She isn't married and doesn't have a boy friend. So guess who gets to help paint and rip up carpet and all that good stuff? Yep, good ole' Mom and Dad. My poor arms and legs are killing me!! Up and down the ladder and down on the floor and all sorts of good things.

She closed on the 27th of Dec and immediately started to renovate. All of the carpet is up and we finished painting the last room this weekend. Now all we need to do are the paint bathrooms and change out some cabinets that she wants to update.

Thanks goodness the painting is done. She has cathedral ceilings in her kitchen, dining and family room. No one wants to climb the ladder to do the very top of the ceilings. SweetiePie has a bad knee and can't get up on the ladder for too long. SmartA** has a bad knee and vertigo issues and will not get up on a ladder or even a step stool unless she absolutely has no other choice. So guess who gets to climb the tall ladder? But, it's done and we can move on.
The two princess came to "help" change orange
sherbert into blue
Now to remove the kitchen cabinets over the bar and put in a cabinet with glass doors on both sides. Its going to be so cool. If we don't screw it up. We are hoping to find some old windows to use for the glass doors and we will just have to build a frame for them. Habitat for Humanity here we come!!


  1. Good luck to your daughter! I know you are proud. I bought my own home before I was married at 23 and people acted like it was so unusual that I didn't want to wait till I was married or something! I got married 5 years later and we sold HIS house and still live in mine (I mean ours) She will have the best time in there on her own and she is sooo lucky to have parents that will help out! I love reading all of your adventures and I'm glad you had a good year with re-sale this year!

  2. Yep, really proud that she did it on her own. Who says you have to be married to own a home? Why pay rent when you can pay for your own place? As long as she can be safe and happy is all that parents want.We say now that she is a "woman of property" she is a good catch!!