front porch trash

front porch trash

Monday, May 2, 2016

Thank you Mr. Know it All

I had this for sale
I also had a jerk potential customer email me to inform me that I was asking too much, $35, for this piece of history. A vintage truckers hat from UGA with the bull dog and THE flag.(That is the state flag of GA from 1956-2001 and not the flag that no one wants to display. I truly was afraid that someone would protest and I would have to take down the listing before I sold the hat. But in reality it is a vintage GA state flag.)

Anyway, I had this person email me with an offer of $25, including shipping. I had it listed for $35 plus shipping of $4.25. Now, I didn't have make offer on this he just took it upon himself to make me an offer. I told him to check back after 30 days and if it was still available I "might" lower the price. Of course, I had no intention of lowering the price. He emailed me a day before the listing was scheduled to turn over for the first 30 days and made the offer again. Persistent, but I am way more stubborn that he could ever dream of being.

I don't know who the potential customer was that made the offer but I wasn't about to accept his offer. I had 8 watchers on that hat and I knew I could get my price. And it only took 31 days.

So there Mr Smarty Pants, Know it All. Pffffffffffffft!!!

And to everyone else, make YOUR price. Don't let someone else make it for you. If it is based on thorough research and past experience then GO FOR IT!!! If all else fails you can always lower the price down the road. I prefer way down the road to next door.

Now get back to work. Those tubs won't list themselves!!


  1. Replies
    1. Just got feedback from the happy buyer. I think Mr Know it All was a reseller and my buyer was a person who really wanted the hat. I like happy buyers much better than resellers!!

  2. This made me laugh. I know it's irksome when it happens. But this type of thing does happen to me quite a bit.,.but the item usually sells for the higher price. And I get best offers through messages all the time. Good for you!!!

  3. Laughing all the way to the bank......
    He was obviously a reseller that wanted a better margin.