front porch trash

front porch trash

Friday, May 13, 2016

Have I gone crazy?

Don't think about that too hard. For the people that know me really well the answer is obviously yes. For 
those people that don't know me very well, that would still be the correct answer, Alex.

My SweetiePie is sick. He has been for quite a while. We have been to numerous doctors and have yet to find the answer to the problem. It is very frustrating for him and stressful for me. In the past he refused to go shopping with me for inventory. He didn't like thrift stores, the smell, the dirt. But lately it is the only thing he likes doing, besides going out to lunch. Let's make this a business trip. He doesn't read, doesn't like watching tv all day. He used to made RC models. Boats, cars and airplanes. But his tremors don't let him do that any more. So we go thrifting almost every day mostly at GW because that is the only option close by. Nothing serious. Just looking and walking around and seeing other people.

Our GW only accepts cash. Yes, can you believe that? Cash and checks only. But with checks they have "the list" that they whip out when you write a check. Heaven forbid if you ever make that list.(And they don't have a bathroom. A pet peeve of mine.)There have been several rumors that they will accept credit/debit cards but nothing has ever happened. So if we go I have to make sure I have cash.

We went yesterday and saw a familiar item on top of the glass counter by the front door. A remote control airplane kit. New in the box, never used. The previous owner never even attempted to assemble the plane. Yeah!! We carefully inspected the box and then looked at the price, $49.95. I told the clerk I would think about it. I discreetly went to the back of the store and looked it up on the bay. None of this one listed but similar ones sell for $50 to $500 depending on the model and size.

In my book that looked like a good buy. We hemmed and hawed over it and I finally just bought the thing. When I got home I did a much more thorough search and found one sold in Germany a couple of years ago for $224 and one on ebay in the UK for $200. So I think I made a good choice. But I sure did resist spending that much money for one item at the time.

I got this kit at an estate sale last year and it went for $125, almost complete.

And this one was purchased last week at another GW in town. This is incomplete also but should bring between $75-100 and there is a roll of the film to cover the plane in the box that will go for $25 on its own.
But funny thing is this kit was only $3.99. Guess one of the managers knows planes and the other doesn't.

I'm not really into RC planes, just selling them is enough of a thrill for me. If you find them, then buy them.


  1. Along long time ago my dh bought a remote control airplane. It was a big one and he never completed it. He now has a drone. At least he didn't have to assemble that. I think he did have to put on the blades though

    1. I think the most fun SweetiePie had was putting the plane together. He didn't know how to fly it so he knew he would have an accident. He graduated to RC boats and has 3 now. At least when he crashes a boat you can find all of the pieces.