front porch trash

front porch trash

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

We miss you Sheila and Randy

Everyone must move on.

Better jobs, retirement.

But we really miss Sheila and Randy at our little post office.

Within one week both of the regular counter people were GONE!!! One moved up to a full time job in a larger post office but he had to move to a larger town. The other one retired, a hard earned and well deserved retirement.

But I'm totally selfish. I want them back. Or at least their clones.

It used to be fun to go to the post office every day. But now the postmaster is the counter person and some days we get the temp person who fills in at various post office when vacations and sickness requires extra hands.

And the lines!!!

What used to take less than 5 minutes, on a really busy day now takes 10-20 minutes.

Now I can hear all of you asking why I go to the post office every day. Glad you asked. Well, its close by, some days I have more packages than will fit in my mail box and because I want to. My SweetiePie is disabled and he would sit home for days if we didn't go to the post office. So we go to the post office every day, if I have something to ship, and then we run errands or take care of doctors visits or go shopping. Something, anything to get out in the world. And then I come home and work.

But Sheila and Randy were a nice part of our day. Always smiling and ready to help. Quick in and out and on with our business.

While I wish them well, I kinda want them back until we get the new people "trained" appropriately.

And from the looks of things that will be a while.


  1. I have a new part time carrier on my route and I really miss my usual lady. It's hard to retrain the new ones!

    1. I know, I can tell when the regular guy is off. My mail is shoved so far back in the mail box I have to hike in to get it!

  2. I feel the same way when my regular thrift store employees are gone. Two of the regular guys at my little p.o. are about to retire so I know I will be feeling the same way. I's a bummer. Hopefully the new one's become our new "regulars" =)

    1. No offense to the new guys, but they have a hard road ahead of them. I don't know about other post offices but people are in line ahead of me all the time with the item they want to ship in their hand and no box, no idea how to ship, no tape and sometimes no address. Do they think the post office just "knows" where their aunt, cousin, grandma, son, daughter lives? I don't know how the clerks keep a straight face sometimes.