front porch trash

front porch trash

Thursday, May 19, 2016

Yes, I'm Crazy!!!

I may or may not be crazy when it comes to listing the bay stuff. But I don't think everything I do is crazy.

Remember this?
I listed it for $59.99 on Tuesday and 17 minutes after it went live I received a best offer of $50.00. Now, the person who responded obviously had a search saved for that particular item since they responded so quickly. I was floored that I got such a quick response because I couldn't decide on what the price should be. It was an open kit and there were no instructions. (Instructions available free on line)

I responded with my typical response when someone makes an offer so quickly after the listing goes up. That is that I don't usually offer discounts until at least 30 days after the listing starts. Sometimes that gets a positive reaction and the buyer just buys the item, sometimes not. Most of the time I will get my full price and if I don't I will wait until I do. It may be that buyer with the low offer or it may be someone else. Who cares if it sells.

This was one of the good times. While I didn't hear from the buyer right away, they did purchase the plane in about 3 hours. Yeah!!!

Of course it helps that there were no other listings on the bay right now, it is an out of production item and I priced it at a fair price.

It pays to be least this time!!!

I have the other plane listed and it is more expensive so I don't expect as quick a sale but I will keep my fingers crossed that it goes quickly.

I have a new furnace to pay for and I need all the help I can get.

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