front porch trash

front porch trash

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

"POOF" Your Magic Number is 3

In my relentless search for the magic formula to make things sell on ebay I have been paying attention to what, when and how many sales I have daily.

It really doesn't matter what you have listed in your store. You can never predict what will sell. Or for that matter where it will wind up.I had a Canon AE1 film camera that I sold last week and shipped to Estonia. I thought I had it priced a little high.
But it had two additional lens that sell in the $15-25 range. So I priced at $140. It sold in about 10 days to an international buyer. Shipping was $60 Priority. Fingers crossed until it gets there.

I have literally had this bag of brass switch plates and outlet covers sitting on the floor next to my computer since probably September. I could not get excited enough about them to list them. I finally ran out of things that had been either cleaned or photographed and waiting to be listed. I grabbed the bag of covers and went to town. Duh!! Took maybe 15 minutes to list them all. I had two different styles and three sizes for a total of four listings. I set them to list the next morning at 8:45. When I checked my email the next morning I get a "generous" offer to purchase this one for $7, including shipping.
Only one of this style and it sold first
It had only been listed about 45 seconds when he made the offer. I declined, stating that if I still had it in a week or so I may consider any offers and check back then. I had it priced in line with other vintage 60's outlet covers and switch plates at $7, but I added customer pay shipping. The guy that made the offer purchased for full price about 30 seconds after he received my message. Not a big sale. I purchased the bag of 11 assorted covers for $4 and will make about $50, if when they all sell.

I've also noticed that I have clusters of sales. Within a matter of a couple of hours I'll have several sales and then nothing until the next day when again I'll have sales in a lump and then nothing until the next day and so on. And it really freaks me out when the sales are all in the same geographic location. (play the music from Twilight Zone in your head now)

How Many
I like to keep track of how many sales I have daily. In January I noticed that I had 93 sales. That is exactly 3 sales a day, averaged. I did a little digging and figured out that most days I have 3 sales a day. If I have a day like last Tuesday, when I went thrifting and didn't sell a single item, I will make up the sales in the next day or so. On Wednesday of last week, after no sales on Tuesday, I had 5 sales and then 4 sales on Thursday. Now, ebay would say that this is just a coincidence but it has worked out like this for a while now.The entire month of January and now the same thing in February. Spooky (play Twilight Zone again)

And the items I sell are random new and old listings. In November and December I was mainly selling freshly listed items, NIP items and collectibles. But now the sales are so random that I can't even imagine what will sell next.

Does anyone else notice any trends to sales lately? Or do I just have too much time on my hands, or too much paranoia or just analyzing this to death?


  1. I am definitely noticing patterns. I will sell several like items in a cluster within a few days, like the Weight Watchers items I just posted about. I've also noticed, and this has happened more than once now, that I will sell a few items I listed on the same day. These are items that i listed months and months ago that were listed on the same date, and they sold on the same date several months later.

    1. I had that happen last night. A pillow cover I had listed sold and then about 5 minutes later a matching dust ruffle sold, to two different buyers. They were both listed on the same day. Over the holiday weekend I just sold my 3rd sale today and I am exactly at 3 per day again for the month. Time for the Twilight Zone music.....

  2. No patterns yet for me. At least not that ive noticed.
    Great sale with the camera!