front porch trash

front porch trash

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Vintage Pierre Cardin Carry All

More from my outlet shopping spree.

I picked up this little vintage 70's Pierre Cardin designed carry-all at the GW outlet. I don't know why I like weird things, I just do. It jumped out at me as 70's when I first saw it. Then I opened it and saw two sets of hot rollers in good shape and knew I had to have it. It was a little heavy at 8.4 lbs.

Out the window went my resolve to not buy appliances. For those of you keeping score, if you cost this out at by the pound its $9.24. But I chose not to use the pound cost($1.10), but average piece cost. That makes it $1.70 because I didn't take into consideration that there are 3 items to sell. Just like I didn't cost out 3 bars of soap I bought at price per pound. I figured the 3 like bars of soap as one item. Or the 3 unit cordless intercom system as one item. Makes sense to me. It's just easier to remember the cost of items at per piece than per pound, for me anyway.

Here is what I found inside.

A complete set of Clairol Kindness 3 way hot rollers. A complete set of Clairol Swing Setter hot rollers, plus, in the yellow bag, two extra rollers for the Swing Setter. Both sets of hot rollers have a good sell thru rate.( I can't believe that a set of 5 rollers in the Swing Setter sells for as much, sometimes more, than the set of 20 Kindness rollers.) But the carry all is not to be found on ebay or anywhere. I did find a vintage magazine ad for the carry all here. All you had to do is send in the top right hand corner of your instruction manual and $5 to get the carry all bag. I would love to know how many were sold. Also, no idea what the cost was in the thrift store where it was originally for sale.

While it's not in perfect condition, it is over 40 years old and still in one piece. I imagine that most of the damage that occurred to the outside happened at the outlet. After all it was in a bin with an old vacuum cleaner, some golf clubs and a bunch of other junk valuable stuff.

Now to get it cleaned up and see if it sells for a decent profit.


  1. cool find. We don't have a pound store near here :-(

  2. I am not sure if it was your blog that clued me in to rollers/curlers but I got a bag for 50cents at a yard sale 2 weeks ago. I split them up into snap on rollers & foam curlers and sold them on ebay. Less costs and shipping I netted $14.45. Thank you!!!!

  3. Great sale. I like to split finds up to maximize profit. Way to go!!!

  4. Great finds! I've done well with hot rollers- especially vintage Clairol and Remington.

    1. Oh yes....I love me some Remington Tight Curls. Guaranteed sale

  5. This was a fantastic find!! I'm sure you did the happy dance all the way to your car LOL. I do the same thing when figuring out the cost for items I buy from the outlet store. I just divide the number of items I buy by the amount I pay. It's so much easier. It's a great deal no matter how you figure it out!