front porch trash

front porch trash

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

FAIRY DRESSES and other important things

 SweetiePie and I were leaving the house the other day and I commented on the demise of our beautiful azaleas in front of the porch. We have huge lavender pink azaleas all along the front of the house. They are George L. Tabor, to be specific. Growing up my Mom loved all things floral and our yard was filled with every sort of azalea, iris, camellia, wisteria, and so many others. And you had to know the correct name of all of them!

Back to the subject.

I commented on the azaleas and said they had been so beautiful that I was sad to see them go but just look at all of the fairy dresses.

He looked at me like I was from another planet.

Hanging on by a thread
He must have left his imagination in his other pants.

I just bet he never "glued" rose petals on his finger nails by licking his finger nail and sticking the petals on.

Well, maybe I'm glad he skipped that one!!

Things have been really busy around the castle these last few weeks. SmartA** has moved to her new house and I have been rearranging and cleaning and shopping and listing and selling and packing and ......the list goes on. But hopefully I will get organized (like that is possible) and get to share my finds here.

I did get a twin bed (church yard sale) for the little Princess' room with a trundle, so it saves space in the room. Complete with two mattress. $15. I know! They were clean and I am going to put complete covers on them.

But it does seem like a shame to cover up all of this
70's glory!!

Now to find a queen for the other bedroom and I will be set. Because, as my family knows, I have enough furniture in this house to fill two houses. All I have to do is move it around. (Who needs 6 rocking chairs? Me!!)We were just short of beds. When people move out of our house they take their beds with them.

Carry On!! I shall return!!

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