front porch trash

front porch trash

Monday, October 29, 2012


Can you tell things are boring around here. Just listing and shipping. More listing than shipping. But at least some shipping. Trying to get ready for the sales crunch that we all hope is coming. Now if ebay would just stop turning my lights off and on things would or could be better.

We must have some diversion to help pass the time. Thank you SmartA** for the entertainment this week. SmartA** is my daughter who still is living at home. She has three cats. We have lots of fur in our house.

Fearless (she's not) is a big cat. Her official job is to sleep all day and be at the door when it opens. Every time it opens. She has one goal in life. To escape.

So SmartA** decided to get her a harness and see if she would take a walk. After several days of putting the harness on inside the house and the ensuing laughter, it was time to hit the outdoors.
She crouched and inched forward on her stomach and just rolled around trying to get that thing off.
Had to haul her butt down the stairs because she wouldn't go on her own. Finally, in the yard. Sure hope we don't loose her in all of the leaves.
Camo cat. She finally did take two or three steps in the yard. But not very enthusiastic about the whole thing.
"You don't expect me to step on DIRT, do you. I will get my delicate fur dirty."
So... on to the next cat rip roaring to get outdoors. This is Firefly. And she did a little better.
Her idea was to jump down from the deck to her freedom. The only problem is that the deck is 16' tall, and that pesky harness. "No wings....think I'll take the stairs. She did explore a bit in the yard but wanted to get under everything in sight.
Oh well, maybe next time.

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  1. LOL I have one of them Smart-*** daughters living at home too, and we have two cats, so I love reading your cat post.