front porch trash

front porch trash

Tuesday, October 2, 2012


Life is frustrating. You have a job that you love and are good at. You lose that job because the economy sucks and you work at a car dealership that sells high end cars that people aren't buying. You go to school and learn a new job. You can't get a job in that field because you are....too old.
I have some jobs that I think, being an OLD person, that I could handle.

Window Guard
This is Fearless (she's not) doing her job. She is a 25 lb+ Norwegian Forest Cat. My guess is that she is guarding the wood that is in the window.
I could do that.
This is her part time job. Her real job is shedding, which she is very, very good at.
Guarding the Charging Station
This is Simon. He is recharging on the cardboard that is in the middle of the floor. Why? Who knows. But all the cats take turns laying on the piece of cardboard. We should just take it up but it has become a joke. It is their recharging station. Sometimes all three cats will be laying around it and touching it.
What makes it special? Who knows.

So, where do I go to apply for these jobs?

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