front porch trash

front porch trash

Friday, July 20, 2012


Have you ever been so tired that you just couldn't get to sleep? 
My week has been like...too tired to sleep.

We have had two project going on this week. Replacing the bathroom sink (Oh what fun...) and replacing the light over the kitchen sink. More fun... Yeah, both are done.

You would think that two adults could safely and correctly replace a light bulb in a light fixture.  Well I am living proof that this is harder than it seems. I need a pair of glasses with bifocals on the top because I can't see S*** close up without them.

We have been to HomeDepot 4 days this week trying to finish these two  projects.  Now, normally I don't mind going to HD, but this is just crazy.

I did get to go thrift one day and I thrifted until I dropped. It was only in the upper 90's.  Of course I hit the free box.
I tried not to loose my head in the free box like this little guy did. I know I can fix him. Bear, vintage quilt, shabby chic....the last one I had sold for $20, but this one is better made and a nicer quilt  so more$$.
These books were all free. I haven't removed the complete set of 1959 Golden Book of Knowledge from my trunk yet. The illustrations in these books are fantastic. All of these were partial sets. I also picked up part of a loose leaf Websters dictionary from 1970. Look what the cover art was.
The architects rendering of the Twin Towers before they were complete. Kinda gives you a shiver...

But wait, I didn't stop there. I kept digging. Another lady was there with her elbows out and digging away and finally got IN the bin and kept everyone else out so she could get the best stuff. I did kinda envy the big box of Lincoln Logs, the wooden tray puzzles and boatload of Polly Pocket, but that's fine I got enough.

I also got these three jewels

The monogrammer only has one disc but has everything necessary to make it work. The Tinkertoy box is not full, 2/3 full, and no lid. The Chess set is a really neat Celtic chess set. Faux stone...

After seeing these free things all at one time, it makes you wonder just what they throw away.

I purchased some clothes, Ralph Lauren, Dockers, Ecko Red, Girls Gap and a whole bunch of fabric.

I love fabric. Old, new, yardage, scraps, it makes no matter to me. The blue print on the left is a 30's reproduction and sells very well. The next piece is vintage plisse and the rest are just odds and ends.

Typing all of this makes me even more tired. I need to go to bed.

After all, tomorrow is yard sale day.

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