front porch trash

front porch trash

Friday, July 27, 2012


When my grandson was visiting last month, of course we went thrifting. The idea was to find him some jeans. But we only found a couple of shirts. Which he has probably outgrown since then because he is growing so fast. But he found some skateboarding shoes. Chad Muska Supra shoes. Now the only way I know that is because he told me. But they were too small. Hey, he's a growing boy.

As it turned out it was a pretty good find. They go for up to $120 new and we thought that $35 was a good price to list them at. I told him since he found them that we would split the profit. Good deal. I learned about the shoes and hopefully he learned something.

Back to the shoes.These shoes

They had been listed for three weeks and had lots of hits, almost 300, but no takers. Had two offers of $30 but I had decided to hold out for the full price. The second offer of $30 just wouldn't go away. "He" emailed several times and finally said, "shoot me a paypal invoice for $30 and I'll take the shoes" Duh!! I don't think so. First, you are asking me to sell off of ebay and second I'm not paying $10 shipping out of the $30 you so generously offered.

But  that is not the stupid thing. He made all of the offers and all communication was thru ebay messages.
Hey genius, don't email me on ebay and ask me to "shoot (you) a paypal invioce".

My response? I wasn't about to lose my ebay store so HE could save $10 in shipping. I started to block his sorry a** but didn't get around to it before he purchased the shoes on ebay.

I am holding my breath until I know he has them and leaves feedback. And of course he a feedback of 3.

Lord, I hate seriously dislike newbies......

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