front porch trash

front porch trash

Thursday, July 12, 2012


Whew, it has been a long time between blog entries.

I have been busier than a one legged know the rest.

I have finished painting the room upstairs and have begun to fill it up with stuff. I have moved most of my listed inventory into the room and some inventory waiting to be listed. Moved my picture taking stuff into the new/old space. In between trying to keep up my listing and shipping stuff out and my family I haven't had much time for anything fun. By fun I mean going thrifting.

It has finally cooled off from the 100+ temps we have been having and today was less than 80, but with rain. We need the rain, so I'm not complaining. So I told SweetiePie that I was taking the day off and doing something fun. Well he knew what that meant....a trip to my favorite thrift store.

I only stayed there a few hours,'s a big store...and I found lots of stuff. The most interesting stuff was in the free bin outside. As I was going through the bins they kept throwing stuff into the bins. Well, I had to keep looking.....I might miss something.  I controlled myself and only got one box of free stuff and didn't have to run over any sweet old ladies or cute little kids.

Here is the haul.

See the blue thing behind Raggedy Anne? That is a mouse pad with a gel wrist rest and new, it sells for $30+, a new Raggedy Anne(not even smelly or dirty) some quilting books, a pink thermos, a Starbucks travel mug, some books(Russian/English dictionary, White Fang, more), a vintage oil filter wrench, and does anyone recognize the witch hat? It is very good quality and well made and doll size. I was thinking Am Girl, but don't know.
More stuff
About a dozen orphan Tupperware lids, a kids blue/red lap desk(cute, has zippered pockets on the back), a Kuchenheber, and that square thing wrapped in plastic next to the lap desk that I thought was an aluminum lid turns out to be a new silver plate lid to a casserole of some kind.
More stuff
This huge milk glass hurricane lamp shade with original chimney in perfect condition.

I love free stuff. I think the guys sorting stuff just get tired of sorting stuff and just pile it up in the free area. I am not like some folks I see in the free area. I don't try to grab everything that I can get my hands on....thrifting karma will get you if you do.

So, after researching the stuff I got free if I sold everything (which is very unlikely) and got an average amount for most items (not too high, not too low) I could expect to get around $100 for everything. Not bad for free. Of course I will probably get a more realistic $50-75 that will trickle in over a long time. Still not a bad profit margin.

So, does your thrift ever have free stuff and is it any good?

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