front porch trash

front porch trash

Saturday, July 28, 2012


We have been doing a little sprucing up inside the castle recently. Anything inside is fair game as long as you don't have to go out in 100+ heat.

So SweetiePie finished installing the new sink and cabinet in the hall bathroom. Looks nice and much better than the old pedestal sink. There was no place in that bathroom to put the toilet cleaner, extra TP or anything else that you didn't want sitting out for all to see.

Now, let me warn you that we have some not so bright cats living in the castle. My daughter, SmartA**, has three cats of varying intelligence. Simon, his first name should be Simple, Fearless, who hides under the sofa during thunderstorms and Firefly who we fondly call Psycho Twitch. This morning I was in the bathroom and before I could close the door Fearless and Firefly came running in. They both jumped up on the newly installed sink and proceeded to "wait" for me to turn the water on. Here is what happened when I did.

Fearless, a Norwegian Forest Cat (big cat), and Firefly, the runt of the litter, (they are sisters)were fighting over the running water. Fearless was a hog and Firefly took the opportunity to drink off the top of Fearless' head.

If you close the drain they will sit there, letting the water collect, not aware of it on their feet.

Their other favorite activity, before the new sink, was hopping in the tub and waiting for a drink.

They may not be genius cats but they make life interesting.

And you are never lonely in the bathroom.

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