front porch trash

front porch trash

Sunday, March 25, 2012


I am all out of elbow grease.
Because of this monster of a pot.
The bottom had years of burned on stuff and I don't even want to know what that black crud was. It was all the way around the bottom on the stainless and copper.

After about a zillion hours, more or less, it now looks like this.
Now that is much better. I might even consider letting some food get near it. But it is bound for ebay when I find a lid for it. The thrift had a Cuisinart glass lid on it but it doesn't fit right and I need a real Revere Ware lid.

Hope everyone found a hidden treasure worth lots of bucks this week end.

Can't wait much longer for yard sales. It has rained the last two Saturdays and I am itching to get to a yard sale before too much longer.

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  1. I have that same copper bottomed pan, yours looks very shiny and clean. Hope you find a lid for your pot.