front porch trash

front porch trash

Monday, March 19, 2012


I have gotten spoiled with the cut rate prices at the big thrift and our favorite thrift. Pants between these two places can vary from 25c to $2. So when I go to the GW and they want $3.39 for pants, I kinda go...."wait a minute"....I can get pants cheaper than that.

But the GW does have a good buy on lingerie and swim suits from the bulk bins. Lingerie is $1.39 and swim suits are $1.99. Sometimes they have new stuff in boxes, bags or with tags. I have found lots of new bras (89c) there and some were new vintage. (Everything is by the piece so a set is two pieces)I like the sexy gown and robe sets or if you prefer peignoir and negligee. I have picked up a dozen or so in the last several months. Some flannel, some cutie pie, some sexy and some vintage. I picked this up last month.
I knew it was good quality from the feel of the nylon, but no tag...GRRRR....but I got it anyway because the gown and robe, complete with belt were all in fantastic condition.

The entire time I was taking photos I never found a tag....not until I was measuring the hem of the is vintage OLGA Bodysilk!!!$$$
A similar one sold recently at auction for $128.....please pick me up off the floor. A burgundy gown (no robe), really spectacular, recently sold for $159!! Now, Olga is really good stuff, but I had rather pay the rent!! I am tripping all over my myself trying to get it listed. That baby is going on today!! And since I am willing to wait for the slow dime, I am going BIN and see what happens.

You can believe that my radar is up for Olga and I know where to look for the tag...the hem of the gown.

Keep your eyes open and  GO WITH YOUR GUT!!!