front porch trash

front porch trash

Friday, March 16, 2012


It's been weeks since I have been able to thrift.
I was having withdrawal pains.

SweetiePie suggested that we go to our favorite thrift, which is about 40 miles away. When we go we usually make a day of it. It is on the other side of Raleigh and takes about 45min to an hour to get there, if traffic is good. When we were first married we lived there for about a year and a half.  Wow, have things changes in the years since.

This thrift is a church run thrift and the volunteers are all so helpful and friendly. They have lots of great stuff and the prices are really good. The only bad thing is that my phone won't work inside the building. It was an old grocery store and I don't think they have wifi.

On to thrifting!!

They had a huge sale on shoes. $2.00 a pair for any shoes!!! I found two pairs of Doc Martens, Bally loafers, David Tate mules, Naturalizer pumps, Easy Spirit, Clarks clogs and White Mtn.clogs (bad buy, but only $2.00). Sweetie Pie said that they are probably still talking about all of my shoes, 13 pair total. I think not. Besides, who cares? The shoes were $2.00 and I couldn't pass that up even though they aren't spring.
I was excited!!
On to housewares I went. I always find some neat stuff there. They also have lots of X stitch kits and charts and stuff and I can usually find some great patters for 25c.
Check out the vintage Pyrex. It is all there and the only damage is a teeny tiny flea bite on the bottom of the handle. Yeah!!
And of course I couldn't pass up the toy section.
Couldn't pass up the bag of plush for $1.50, 15 in there so that is 10c each!!. A bag of kinex pieces, $$, a sealed paint by number and a cool scientific solar system thingy that expands.

A great day with SweetiePie and since he was such a patient and helpful guy we HAD to detour by the DQ before we came home. Yum, yum!!

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