front porch trash

front porch trash

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

MOVING ON.....Selling......Saving.....Donating

Wow have I been busy this week. Moving my craft/ebay room ONE MORE TIME.....

Two years ago our daughter Smarta** moved back home. Fine, not a problem. But she chose to move the first of December. I was in school at the time. The two rooms we decided to put her in were where I had decided to move my crafting/painting stuff. These two rooms were where my Mom lived when she was with us. We gave them to Smarta** because she would have a bathroom, bedroom and sitting room.
Worked out great.....except.......

She moved right when I needed to be preparing for exams. I had to clean out my stuff and Mom's stuff from these two rooms. PRONTO!! Well you can guess what happened. Everything got thrown into boxes and hauled upstairs to my new room. When I got to the last bits and pieces, I just threw everything into a box and hauled it off up the stairs. The room was full.

Now our nephew needs a place to stay. Yep....I have to move AGAIN. Not only do I have to move but my husband had to abandon his man cave and I am taking it over as my ebay/craft room. I think it will be great but the move is killing me. I refused to just move all of the boxes back downstairs without going through them. So far I have polished off all but 3 boxes, and those will be tackled tomorrow. I have weeded out lots of things and re-donated them. I am on my second van load.

I have three piles of stuff. Donate. Sell. Save. I'm sure that the save pile will be sorted once again to really get rid of stuff. But it is a start.


Well, when I took a load on Saturday I may have gone in......for just a few minutes!!

I had these shelves from my craft show and they are in the process of getting filled up.
Enjoy them while they are still clean
They are already being dwarfed by all of the boxes.

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