front porch trash

front porch trash

Friday, February 17, 2012


Dear Ms Goodwill Pricer,
Someone should take away your Sharpies. Or at least teach you how to use them.

I purchased a pair of high end motorcycle pants this week and the over zealous pricer not only marked the
price on the tag, but she made two price adjustments. So on this tag I have three different swirls of silver permanent marker and still have the price for all to see.

This week I also purchased some vintage women's cowboy boots. Very nice. Well, they were until you look at the soles. Why do you feel the need to put the price in bold black Sharpie on BOTH boots? They aren't priced individually are they? ? And of course the Sharpie doesn't come off with anything.

Oh and while I have your attention could you please remove that sign on the cash register that advertises the comic book that you have in the back that sells for $700 on ebay but you will let us take home for $400?

Oh, also why don't you have a bathroom? A little boy was shopping with his mother and had to go to the bathroom. The mother obviously wasn't ready to leave and told him to wait a minute. His reply was "Mommy I don't want to pee in my pants". Do you think that if you had a bathroom that mayby the mother would not have dumped all of her treasures in the ladies pants bin and run out of the store?

I'm just saying........

Yours truly,
A serious shopper


  1. I have pretty good luck using Goo Gone--it smells like an Orange oil product. Spray it one and leave it for a few minutes (while I scrub other shoes) before taking a toothbrush w/ soap (I use Bronner's Peppermint)and scrubbing the heck out of it!

  2. I tried Goo Gone on the cowboy boots, and it left an oily stain that eventually went away but the price was still there. I swear by Goo Gone, Bar Keepers Friend and nail polish remover. These all work well for me. I haven't tried Bronner's soap. I may just have to get some to try. Thanks

  3. I love it when they STAPLE the price tag on the material of clothing and I guess just to make sure it doesn't come off they use 4 or 5 staples and when you get home there are holes in the fabric after you remove the tag.

    Do they have any sort of training program for these employees, or maybe some staff development on "Pricing without Defacing the Product."