front porch trash

front porch trash

Tuesday, February 7, 2012


Thank you so much for purchasing my item.

I spend a lot of my valuable time searching for just the right item to list in my store.  

I'm just saying, if the shoe fits.......
I put gas in my car to get to the store to purchase your item.

Sometimes I have to purchase a chocolate milk shake for my SweetiePie as a reward for being such a good shopper.

Don't you think that you could PAY FOR THE ITEM  without me sending you a gazillion messages and threatening you with a unpaid item case?

Yours truly,

Can you tell I have 4 buyers that have made purchases and ignore all efforts by me to collect what is due?  I HATE THAT......


  1. That sucks! No other way to say it. I can't imagine what makes people act the way they do. I know as soon as I win an auction I pay immediately. What possible excuse could they have? Sorry, and I know it is hard to want to re-list and then give someone else neg. feedback b/c then they could retaliate on your scores...e-bays system is hard to work sometimes.

  2. You bet it does.
    The only problem is that ebay won't allow me to leave negative feedback for a buyer. No way no how. They can leave negative for me for any reason but I can only leave positive for them. I can say what I want but no negative feedback. What buyers don't realize is that negative feedback has a direct effect on how much in fees ebay charges me.
    But the good customers do outweigh the bad ones.

  3. sorry your customers did not pay. I love this post though Its very funny