front porch trash

front porch trash

Sunday, November 13, 2011


I didn't mean for it to sit there this long.
I just forgot. Then I remembered.
And then it was a challenge to see how long it would last.

What is that crazy person talking about?

A loaf of bread. This loaf of bread specifically.
Nothing out of the ordinary about a loaf of bread, right?
Some things you need to know. Our closest Kroger store closed the first week of July, 2011. This loaf of bread was purchased in November of 2010. See the best used by date of Dec 19? That would be Dec 19, 2010.

Why has said crazy person kept a loaf of bread for a year? See first paragraph.

I have found the perfect recipe to make bread. I love the bread I make. It is fresh, smells good, I know what the ingredients are and we eat it.

Not being gross or anything, but this bread has been sitting in my bread box for ONE YEAR. Where is the mold? Where is the gross stuff that happens when things decay? Do you see any of that on this loaf of bread?
Me either.

Kinda makes you wonder what kind of preservatives are IN there. And what kind of preservatives are IN YOU when you eat this bread. (No need to be embalmed when you die)

I am not picking on Kroger bread. This just happens to be the loaf that I forgot and it came from Kroger. I am sure that they are all alike.

Now THAT is a scary thought.

I think I'll keep making my own, thank you very much.

Think I should go for another year?


  1. this reminds me of the experiment they did with the mcdonalds hamburger I don't remember exactly how long they let it sit or what the results were but I havent eaten Mcdonalds since

  2. I remember seeing that. The sandwiches actually did mold and decay. It was the french fries that were scary. They just stayed like they were, just hard and dry but still looked like french fries. No mold or anything. ,,,,,shiver,,,,,

  3. A YEAR! That is crazy! I have often wondered the same things myself....Even after buying bread at the "reduced" bread store I have had stuff last for a month or two....I need to learn to bake myself...Ughh...Have you ever seen what Gummy bears do in water? makes you wonder what they do in your stomach?

  4. Never seen a gummy bear in water but I'm off to check under the couch cushions to see if the grandkids left any behind....time to experiment