front porch trash

front porch trash

Saturday, November 5, 2011


I started to call this post "Things I Shouldn't Have Bought". But that is not true. Now that I have purchased these items I will KNOW next time.

The story begins with SweetiePie. He has decided that this thrift shop thing is not too bad. Why? Because he saw my paypal balance and realized I was making $$$. I keep records. Boy, do I keep records.

OK, so here are a couple of things that SweetiePie found and wanted to purchase for resale. I should mention that when we get to the thrift store we both go to different areas and start looking. He concentrates on mens clothing and I do housewares, childrens, ladies, linens, books and toys. He always brings stuff to me for approval.
Now, at first glance you see Gucci! Wow, how did the clerks at Goodwill miss that one. Normally it will be in the glass case with an armed guard. I has the GG logo, Made in Italy, Gucci....hummmm we will take a chance.  Honkkkkkkk  wrong. It is NOT Gucci. Oh it says Gucci. Could be Fred Gucci for all I know. The give away, other than the fact that the GG on the shirt is not right, is that there is no tag with fiber content. NOW YOU KNOW.

Ah, an Armani. You would think. Again the name and that is all. No Made in Italy tag and no fiber content tag. Honkkkkkkk not an Armani.
So now we are the proud owners of TWO fake shirts. Neither one is one we can wear. Honestly, I would never wear that Gucci one, ugggg...lee.

Now to stuff that needed to come home with us.

We went to a more upscale section of town and scored on some shoes. The local GW has taken to marking any shoes that appear to be better quality (Clarks, Born, Rockport, etc) with higher prices. Anywhere from $5 to $25 when all other shoes are $3.39. There was even a sign at the register one day that advertised a
comic book, first edition, for $450 firm, with a note that it was selling on ebay for $700. Well, list it on ebay then. See how long it takes you to take pics, write a description, list and wait for someone to buy the thing.
Geeze....give me a break.

But I digress.

I found these shoes for $3.39 and less. Some were $2.75 at one store. So there....take that GW. Three, maybe four of these pairs of shoes are brand new, never worn

This took 1/3 of  my cash budget for the day. But I know it will make me some $$$
It's a 12 qt. pressure canner. Retail is $75 -$100 depending on the store. Looks like it was used one or two times. Still has the paper work inside. I have the cat guarding it.

Found these today at a little store close by.
 The planet porcelain mugs are Italian cappuccino or espresso mugs, two Big Ed mugs, a California Pantry plate in gold and the single atomic salt shaker in harvest gold.

 I love these hugmugs! I wish they had their saucers because that would multiply the selling price by about 4. My daughter says they look like toilet seats.

I guess sometime it pays to go to the more upscale neighborhoods and sometimes it pays to stay close to home.

Hope everyone found treasures this weekend.

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