front porch trash

front porch trash

Tuesday, November 29, 2011


Did everyone eat too much turkey? Too much punkin' pie? Too much chocolate pie.I tried to be good, really I did. I only had one plate full of food and two pieces of pie.

We had 15 for dinner on Thanksgiving. Not the biggest crowd we have had, but big enough. Adults, teen-agers and children. Quite a mix.

After dinner at 1:30, SweetiePie wanted to go down to the park in town so the kids could expel some energy instead of bouncing off the walls at our house. Good idea! Some of the adults went along and got a nice little stroll around the baseball field. Some of the bigger children went horseback riding.

Daddy needs a few last minutes tips on how to win this race.

SweetiePie was a close second

After the adventures in the park. We came back for dessert. I don't know about your family gatherings, but here at out house we have almost as many sweets as we do food for the main course. I put the coffee on and we dug in.

As we were cutting the desserts my daughter noticed water on the floor in front of the sink. Not a good thing.
Looked in the cabinet and there was water EVERYWHERE. Not a good thing. The drain pipe under the sink picked Thanksgiving to finally let go. The metal section of the pipe, where the dishwasher water comes into the drain had eroded and there was about a 2 inch hole in the pipe. Lovely. All of the dinner dishes had been washed and only the dessert dishes were left. Lovely, all sticky and sweet.
I'm pretty sure that this is NOT where the dishes are
supposed to be washed. Complete with peanut gallery!
After dessert it was entertainment time. Some went on a magical unicorn ride. Some serenaded us with their guitar.
giddy up
After all of the fun and games it was time for peace and quiet. Why did I clean my house before everyone arrived? I found chocolate cake crumbs in lots of places and glasses and napkins and forks and.......

But it was fun and can't wait to do it again next year....minus the sink thing.
I did get a new faucet out of the deal. As long as we had to fix under the sink, SweetiePie decided to go ahead and replace the old leaking faucet. Yeah....bonus.

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