front porch trash

front porch trash

Friday, November 18, 2011


Who woulda thunk it!!

I have created a thrift shop monster. No, not the Halloween costume kind. The real kind.

If you lead someone to the thrift store you can't make them shop. Or can you?

My SweetiePie has become a thrifter. Now, if he knew I told you he would take away my car keys or something like that. Like that would work....

On Wednesday I had several packages to got to the post office and he volunteered to take them. I was knee deep in inventory that we had picked on Tuesday. Before he left he asked if I wanted to go with him. Oh, and maybe go by the GW while we are out.  Hmmmmm.....let me see. It is 1.5 miles to the PO in town and another 5.5 miles to the closest GW. It's kinda hard to GO BY the GW by accident.

What caused this turn around?

He has found some good goodies.

A Brighton belt, those are expensive.
A real Armani shirt, those are expensive.
A Tiger Woods golf shirt, those are expensive.
A fancy, smancy pair of ski pants, those are expensive.
A Ermenegildo Zenga shirt, those are expensive.
A Dale Earnhardt SR cap, not expensive but HTF.

I  have always told him he has an eye for the good stuff. (He married me didn't he?)  He He.......

Now he has proven me correct.


  1. That is so awesome....My husband has sort of started doing the same thing. I have actually caught him going without me! He is unemployed and has started to see that he can actually make money this way! Why does it take them so long to listen to us?

  2. Listen? Now what would be the point of that.

    My SweetiePie has retired, disabled, and needs something to do, other than worry the snot out of me. When we go thrifting, we each take off in different directions. So it is kinda like going alone....almost.