front porch trash

front porch trash

Thursday, October 6, 2011


I often wondered what my Mom was talking about when she said I was as stubborn as a mule.

Well, now I know what she was talking about.
A few days ago we had a great big mess.
The bathroom cabinet was flooded.
The ceiling was a mess.
The car was in the shop.
I broke my camera.

Things are looking up....somewhat.

SweetiePie has fixed the leak. Now we are just trying to dry out the cabinet and the ceiling. Then we can tackle fixing the ceiling. (Ooooo I can't wait ;p)

The car is out of the shop and runs much better. I have to say it is a blessing that I needed brakes because if not I would have been stranded somewhere and it would have taken a gigantic tow to get me home.

I got my new camera. I decided not to get the exact camera that I already had. I upgraded in zoom and pixels from 4X and 6.0 mega pixels to 7X and 12 mega pixels. From a Canon A540 to an Olympus Stylus.

Old camera using the light box. I could never eliminate the yellow.
New camera, same light box, no correction. See even these
guys are wondering what's up.

WOW.....why haven't I upgraded sooner? 

Kind of you to ask. Because I don't like to rock the boat and have to make myself learn a bunch of new technical things when I HAVE to. I had rather do my learning under less stress. But this time I had no choice.

But my Mom would have said it was because I was as stubborn as a mule.
Bless you Mom.
I know you are watching from above.
I'm just sorry I don't listen more often.

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  1. What is this "stubborn" of which you speak?

    The concept is alien to me.