front porch trash

front porch trash

Sunday, October 16, 2011


Remember when you were in high school? You would put off that paper that you really hated until the last possible second before it was due? Maybe it was the subject or the teacher or the fact that you were busy with other things (that you had put off) or you had a new boy friend. Well I feel like I'm back in high school again.

I had all sorts of things  scheduled for the first week of October. I had a list of things (in my brain) that I wanted to get done around the house, things to get listed in my ebay store and things to make.  HA!!! Well that didn't happen quite like I planned.

I found a new camera and like WOW, why did I wait so long to do this. I have had better pictures and they have been easier to edit than I thought could be possible. I have had what I think is good luck at the really big thrift the last couple of trips. I have been to some good yard sales where the prices were really yard sale prices and not ebay prices. I have gotten my listing up over 300 and have been able to keep them there for a few days. I got all of those bags of Christmas ornaments listed that had been staring at me every time I sat down at the computer. (Those clowns can really get creepy after a while.....shiver.....)

A question for blog land. Does anyone run a blog just for the purpose of selling? I have visited some blogs in the past and they have a link to their selling blog. On that blog they just list things for sale. I was just a' wondering.

Back to the trash treasure thing. I kinda combined some of my last couple yard sale thrift store trips into the same pictures. Because really, you don't want to see everything I have found.

This is so stinking cute. A giraffe lovey. So much better than that nasty cuddly blankie that my daughter had. She had to fall in love with a white blanket!!

The country bear jamboree.That is a "ghost" angel on the right.

A F-P sounds house and a farmer and his singing tractor. My first leap pad.
My first pair of Armani jeans! I looked at sooooo many jeans
that day and finally found these.

I have had this house for some time and for the life of me can't find anything about it. I have tried the F-P site and found nothing. I know if I could figure out the name I could find it.Any clues?

This purse intrigues me. Look closely at the closure. It is scissor like. The next picture shows it open.

The purse itself is fused plastic beads. I thought it was a 60's child's purse mainly because it had a plastic lining. But I don't know. I have tried googling fused bead purses but all I get are grown up ones. Anyone know what that metal thing at the top is called? I have seen bracelets that operated like that, but never a purse.

Well these are my special finds this week. Once again, nothing vintage or extra special, except the purse.
Cross your fingers for me on the Armani. I need to score on those.

Hope everyone found something great.
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  1. Great finds! Please also feel free to link up over on my site as well. I host a yard sale/thrift store find link up each Sunday. You can check it out here

    @ Coupon Tipster

  2. great finds. i love the giraffe lovey. my second child also fell in love with a white blankie. sorry but i cant help you on that house or the purse although both are really cool

  3. That lovey is cute! I don't blog to help me sell but do post about the things I find & are selling. So many people kept telling me they wanted to try it but didn't know what kinds of stuff sold well that I started it.

  4. Thanks guys. I always like to read blogs that give me ideas about what sells. Even if I can't find some of the things in my area, I do enjoy hearing about other "victories".