front porch trash

front porch trash

Sunday, October 2, 2011


Last week here in Central NC we  had a variety of weather.
Rain with flooding
Thunderstorms with lightning and flooding
Hot with humidity
Cool with wind
It is never a dull weather moment here.

As I have said previously, it has rained for three weekends in a row. This has been the first weekend in a while that we have had decent weather. I was beginning to worry on Friday night when it started to rain. But it cleared up and yard sales were on.

I had our two granddaughters visiting on Friday and they spent the night. After they were ready for bed I got out my change jar and we divided up some money for yard sale-ing. A perfect time to learn about how much equals what. They each had three dollars in various coins. A fortune for them. Of course they got the speech about when you run out of money you have to stop buying because Grandma has to live within a budget and so do you. Ok, Grandma just fork over the cash!!

They did a really good job of spending their money. The each got a Beanie Baby for 25c.  One got a puzzle for 25c. And at our last stop they cleaned up. They each got a unicorn for 25c. A Hannah Montana sing along microphone, that thankfully went home with them, a Bratz doll and a bunch of other stuff for a total of about a dollar each. The couple holding the yard sale didn't want to take it home so they cut them a deal. But they were happy and they learned that 25c can buy a lot of stuff.

My daughter and I got only a few different things. At the last yard sale I got these stuffies. The F&F plate was from the first stop.
The care bear is a glow in the dark. As you will see that turned out to be the theme of the day.

After a screeching stop and a very quick right turn we found this yard sale. The girls were disappointed that there was no kids stuff. But they did have puzzles. Lots of puzzles. Put together by the adult of the house and guaranteed to have all of the pieces. We got a few.
The left half of the trunk is my stuff. The right half of the trunk is my daughter's. I got 17 puzzles and she got 20. And there were a bunch left. These people are seriously addicted to puzzles. Most of the puzzles were fantasy type. Wizards and such. Most of mine were glow in the dark(the trend of my day) and most of my daughter's were just the fantasy ones. The one that is ready to fall out of the trunk is a hologram. Cool. Expect to see some on ebay soon.

Of course after our fantastic shopping day and getting the girls back home we were kinda tired and not in the mood to fix dinner. On the way home we stopped and picked up a take and bake pizza. Our favorite kind.

Would you like fur with that?


  1. do puzzles sell well on EBay? I have a few I havent got around to listing yet. I sold a vtg New York City one at auuction for $9.99 The buyer never contacted me about paying so I had to open a case. On the last day he finally paid.

  2. I see where some sell on ebay. Average about $11 but I don't know if they are the kind I have. I am hoping that with the combination of wizards and glow in the dark that it will be a combination that will sell. Since they are all used, but all of the pieces are there, I am going to offer two at the time. I don't think I could get enough per puzzle to list them individually. When the lady finished the puzzles she broke them into 4 big pieces and put them back in the box so it is really easy to know if all of the pieces are there. Since I had the GD's with me yesterday it was a bit slower pace of sale-ing than usual. The puzzles are all I really found in bulk. Oh no....time to hit the really big thrift!!

  3. Wow! That is an awesome puzzle haul! My mom does a lot of puzzles in the Winter. I'm always on the hunt for good puzzles that aren't the same old. These are so different! I love that you ran out of room in the trunk!

    Feel free to check out my weekend finds over on my blog


  4. I like puzzles but not quite as much as the yard sale lady.

  5. Thanks for stopping by! The globe in your header photo is just gorgeous. Happy thrifting!

  6. Fun finds. Holy moly on the puzzles. I've bought puzzles once to sell on Ebay, but never listed them. Found you via Apron Thrift Girl