front porch trash

front porch trash

Monday, October 24, 2011


It was Saturday.
It was time to go sale-ing.
It was NOT raining!!

Of course I had to go sale-ing. Our elementary school had a sale in the parking lot again. We went the last time they had one and it was after 11 and we found a very few things. Picked over was an understatement.

This time we were there at the crack of  9-ish. The first stop I picked up my first Christmas sweater. I would say ugly Christmas sweater. But, you know, beauty is in the eye of the beholder and I wouldn't want to ruffle any feathers...... Both Christmas sweaters I found were non-traditional colors. Go figure.

I also found the cutest Batman shoes. Crocs want-a-be, but still killer cute and brand new and one dollar. All the right things. Also a couple of disney 3 piece sets for resale.I didn't take a pic of them, they were already in the wash. Total cost $5

The next stop I found these along with a bucket, a big bucket of people to go with them.
The three vehicles and bucket o' people, $5.Do you remember the fire engine from the first Toy Story? I hope someone does when I list it on ebay.
Did I mention that at the school they were cooking barbecue chicken? Oh man, they coulda charged for the aroma. Perfume to my nose.

I picked up a couple of games and some small stuff at the next booth, for, are you ready $5.

Then it was the last booth. Dad was selling stuff. Sometimes a good thing. Especially since it was old stuff out of a toy box that his daughter doesn't play with any more. A big garbage bag for, you guessed it $5.
I couldn't wait to get home and see what was in there. I saw little ponies, bratz, LPS, Barbie, Happy Meal toys and just plain junk.
No, the cat was not in there. It is his job to inspect everything I bring home!
Some stuff went in the trash, some went in a bag to be donated and some stuff I kept. I had about 8 My Little Ponies, some bait, some not. One Bratz doll, a Bratz Vespa-like scooter, two Barbies, 7 or 8 small plushies, a Bratz laptop, a LPS playground, 3 Disney figures, some Hello Kitty stuff and some vintage F-P figures. The Disney figures were the most valuable, probably. Haven't researched all of the stuff yet.

Two Disney squeeze toys, Sleepy and Grumpy. These should bring $6-7 each. So I know I will make my money back. The rest is gravy.

This is the rest of my treasures. A Vera bag, the Batman shoes, two Christmas sweaters, a F-P laughing elephant that vibrates (for an infant?),a couple of new candles, a Fossil wallet and a couple more plushies.

Hope you had great luck this weekend.Linking up to Apron Thrift Girl.

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  1. Squee! It's one of my babies!


    Hi Simon!

    The elephant feels good on your back, if you can stand the annoying music/serial-killer laughing.