front porch trash

front porch trash

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

It really does help...Sell Similar!!

There was a discussion over on Scavenger Life recently about refreshing your listings to keep them up in the rankings. It seems that Cassini doesn't like listings that have a lot of views but no purchases. It makes sense that they want to keep things moving and if things aren't selling they aren't very Cassini.

I began in late February with any listing that had 100 or more views and were about to renew for another 30 days. I would wait until the day before they were set to renew and end the listing, edit anything that needed changing, like the recent postal rate change, and then do sell similar. I have had 5-6 sales that hit a couple of days after I renewed and refreshed them. And more have had questions and what seems renewed interest. So, while I didn't specifically track any listing, I have seen some results. Didn't keep track of the total but I would guess $100-150 based on my average sale price. Not bad for 2 minutes of work a day.
Recent Finds
I've been trying my best to not go shopping. SweetiePie has been really great about helping when I go shopping but he looks at everything!!! I have certain things I look at in certain stores. For instance I don't look at too many clothes in GW in our area because they are more expensive, just the bins. I go for shoes and household because they are more reasonable. Today I found this primitive cabinet The wood is a little scuffed but not really bad. Each part of the cabinet door is outlined with a routed out border. The stars, moon, tiles on the roof, doors, everything is outlined with a routed border. And a scalloped border all around   the outside edge 

See the plain old wooden knob? That looks like a church? in front but what is that in the back? a hospital, seminary, or what?

I have been on a quest for old slides. I thought I had scored several months ago when I saw a stack of old Kodak carousels in GW but they were all empty. And several more times I have found just the empty carousels. Does GW throw away all of the slides or does the donor keep them? I kinda voting for the family to keep them. Some of the ones I have seen are amazing.

I finally found a few slides.
45 boxes with 36 slides each. 1600+ They date from 1961 to 1969. Its interesting that the box on the left with 18 boxes has all of the index cards filled in while after box 18 just a number on the box. I also picked up a projector at the same time for 40% off. The slide boxes were priced at $1 each, but...when I went to check out they were 40% off. Seems that they had been there since 1/24/16. How did I miss them?  I hadn't been to the Habitat ReStore since the first of the year and they were still there waiting for me!!! I just grabbed one of the boxes in the store and look at the caption for this box of slides!!
Shea stadium in 1965, Wall Street, NY Skyline, the UN building. I can't wait to look at all of the pictures. I'm sure that some are not appropriate to list but I think I can make my $28 and more.

This is one time when I was glad I took time to shop!!!


  1. The slides seem like one cool find! Would be so exciting to look at them; although I might be tempted to keep them :) Seems like an easy sell.

  2. The slides sound very interesting! The cabinet also looks like a great find.

  3. Fun finds! I'm always sad to see something so personal (birthday slides, handmade afghan) end up for public sale though. :(

    For sell similar, what about losing the existing watchers?

    1. Most of the time the watchers are just that, they are watching for some reason. Mayby another seller or someone who started watching and ending up purchasing something and didn't go back and clear the item. I had a silk coat that I had relisted and someone emailed me and asked if it was still available. I emailed back with the new listing number, but still no sale. I guess she just wanted to watch the coat!!?I sometimes see a beautiful baby blanket or knitted sweater and think how much work went into that gift and here it is in the bins at GW for less than the cost of a cup of coffee. Makes me sad, but not sad enough that I can't rescue it and hopefully get it to someone that will treasure a handmade gift.

  4. Good point on the watchers. I need to get out of the mindset that those who are watching are just waiting for a sale or paycheck to purchase.

    I totally agree about saving the hard work. I wish I could but we'd be overrun in no time. I think people who don't craft take those things for granted since you can buy a blanket at Walmart for $4. To a lot of people, the cheap fleece piece of fabric is the same thing as the handcrafted quilt Grandma made strip by strip - it keeps them warm. Grr! There's a reason I'm not permitted to go to the animal shelter alone, either! LOL!

  5. What a cool cabinet. And I love the slides. I'd love to find something like that and go through them...especially with the kids, if there are people in the photos too. Fun to see how people dressed and looked back then! :)