front porch trash

front porch trash

Thursday, March 31, 2016

A New Low Point in Listing?

Is this a low point in my listing career on ebay? 

I have just scheuled cemetery burial plots to list on ebay.

A little history:
In 1964 my parents decided to purchase a burial plot with 2 extra spaces for anyone else in the family. I don't know what brought about this decision. They already had space at two different locations. It must have been the pushy salesman because I recently visited the site and saw a lot of neighbors I remember growing up. Don't get me wrong, its a nice spot out in the country with lots of open space, perpetual care so it will always look nice and good "neighbors".

After both parents passed away and were buried in a family plot, it became my job to sell these plots. No one in the family wants the space. Its not like you can call up an aunt or cousin and inquire if they would be interested in some "special real estate". Their next call would be to the doctor to get a check up and make sure they aren't going to need it any time soon.

I have tried several times with ads in the local paper and have had exactly 1 call in reference to the spaces. Its not like someone is beating down the door to get this real estate. Its out in the country where none of my immediate family live any more.

So....I thought I would give ebay a try. The customer service representative at the cemetery said most plots are resold thru word of mouth by family and friends. My dad would have been 107 on his birthday this month. I think its safe to say that most of his friends and family are not in need of my real estate. They have their own.

So I just did the math on the fees for selling on ebay and I won't be getting rich. I just want them sold. Its not like an investment property that I can rent out or use as a vacation spot.


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    1. Let's see maybe the listing should read:
      "Peaceful location, considerate neighbors, no loud parties, limited space, bring your own ... everything. Be the first...start a new trend in small space vacations." Yeah...that may work. Thanks(?)for the suggestion!!

  2. What a timely post as my hubby and I just had this conversation with my MIL. They bought their plots already too and bought two additional ones right next to them. And my MIL was asking us if we would ever consider being buried there. We aren't as we're not even sure we'll be in this state in the's kind of an uncomfortable conversation...It's like you don't want to hurt here feelings that we don't want to be buried next to them. It's strange to me. :)