front porch trash

front porch trash

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Lottery winner...?

Do you play the lottery? Or as we call it around our house, our donation to the state education fund.

We will occasionally play and when we do SweetiePie and I always disagree over the numbers to be played. We have tried letting the computer choose and using our own numbers. Any we choose always yields the same results. A donation to the education lottery fund.

We had tickets that expired Dec 27 and I kept forgetting to check the numbers. So today while we were making an ice cream run getting a few groceries, I remembered to check my tickets.

Yeah, I got them to put it in a box because I didn't want to strain my back. A whole dollar on a $24 dollar "investment". Not such a good return.

But then again there might be something good to come out of this transaction. When SweetiePie and I go out to eat and  when he gets ready to leave a tip we choose a bill and use the serial numbers to try and make the best poker hand. Looser has to put a big L on their forehead with their fingers.
This one has a great straight. Could be a winner!! Of course two pair could win, but it all depends on what the other bill has.

I think I'll stick to thrifting. At least I can count on a return of my investment, unlike the lottery.


  1. i love scratch tickets not as an "investment" but as fun. Hubbys not a big fan so I don't play anymore....what a big win for you :D it could get you an awesome flip at a yard sale though ! :D

    1. Well, technically only 50c of this dollar is mine since we agreed to split the winnings. But you know how it goes, what's his is ours and what's mine is mine. Or something like that ;)

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