front porch trash

front porch trash

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Behind the Scenes at GW

Our local paper, The News & Observer, published an article about a former Good Will employee in their latest Sunday edition. Some interesting reading. Read Here

This was the second story that this particular writer had written about GW. I remember reading about the couple that runs the stores here in the eastern part of the state. With a combined salary of almost $800,000 it looks like they could have purchased the guys book.

I have said it before but I do not like these local stores. No bathroom, no shopping carts, no credit or debit cards and nothing ever goes on sale. They have recently started letting you use the bathroom in the back, but you have to be escorted and they wait for you. Please, I'm a big girl.

If they had shopping carts I believe people would buy more. They don't hold anything for you at the front and you only have a little plastic basket to haul around.

And what happens to all of the jewelry that is donated? They used to have a bunch of jewelry at the front counter but they did away with that several years ago. And why is it that you never have pillowcases to match the sheets that are donated? I asked one day and the clerk said they "dispose" of them if they are dirty. Now is that stained or just dirty or do they go to the recycler? Most of the sheets they have are clean and folded neatly and don't have stains.

 Its also strange that the spokesperson for the company doesn't know what was trash or recycled clothing. Looks like the tax man could teach them the difference. If they sell clothes to a recycler they would have to declare the income, if they have garbage pick up it is an expense. Simple.


  1. That was an interesting article. There are many such articles recently. It astounds me that CEO's of non profits can earn such incredible salaries.

    I can't believe this place has no bathroom or carts. That's the craziest thing. Can't believe people shop there! But then I probably would anyway...looking for that next treasure to resell.

    1. Not just the ones in the town next to us but the whole eastern part of the state. A dealer once told me while we were waiting for an estate sale to start that the owners of the these GW stores purchase franchises just like any other type of store, McD's, Wendy's and so on. And they export stuff overseas so they can travel and "check" on how things are going and it is tax deductible. I've seen moms with children have to just leave so they can take their kids to the bathroom. And yes, I still shop there looking for the things they miss ;)