front porch trash

front porch trash

Tuesday, February 26, 2013


Whew!!! Been busy with listing and helping my daughter remodel her house before she moves in. Busy as a bee...

We have been working every Saturday and Sunday since after Christmas on SmartA** house. Pulling up carpet, painting, ripping out cabinets putting new floor tile down and just about anything else that needs doing. The two bedrooms are done, the walls are done and some of the trim is done. The floor in the main living room, dining room combination is the biggest and most challenging. She wanted each tile cut in half and a random pattern on the floor. First problem is cutting each tile. It is impossible to get each and every one the same. Even with a jig that I made, we still get a slight variation. But all in all it has been pretty good. But it is crunch time and we need to get the floor finished so she can move. Everyone needs to pull their weight every weekend. Except when racing season starts!!!

Sunday was the first NASCAR race of the season. Daytona. SweetiePie wanted to watch the race and we needed to get more floor done. So......he stayed home to watch the race AND he volunteered to make dinner. Now, you have to know SweetiePie to know that he does not cook. Period. Not even to heat a can of soup. He decided to make chili. I set out all of the ingredients before I left and wrote down the spices and stuff to go in the chili. Everything went fine. The smell of chili greeted us when we came in the door. Yum...

I have only one comment on the chili. If you don't know the difference between a TEAspoon and a TABLEspoon then don't put any cayenne pepper in the chili. That's all I'm saying.......


  1. I assume that was some spices chili!

    1. Wow, it made your eyes water just getting close to the pot. The funny thing is when I make chili always make it medium hot because he is the only one who likes it "peel the skin off the inside of your mouth" hot.
      Lesson learned!!
      My daughter said, "Mom, why didn't you just put all the spices in a bowl and let him add the bowl?"
      Another lesson learned!!