front porch trash

front porch trash

Monday, September 17, 2012


I have one and I'm sure you do also.

If you are an ebay or bonanza or etsy seller or a seller at any other online site I bet you have a reject pile.
You know, the stuff that looked good in the thrift store but when you got it home it looked less than perfect.

I try not to let my pile get too big but sometimes I'm just not paying attention and pick up something that I really shouldn't. 

I thought about saving all of my stuff for a yard sale. But it is more fun to GO to a yard sale than HAVE one. So I had that thought for about 3.5 seconds. I usually end up taking the stuff back to the thrift store. I don't always take it back to the same thrift store I purchased from, just to make it interesting. This latest batch is from my thrifting trip to Atlanta and on the way home.

This really isn't all of the stuff that I have rejected once I got it home, just the latest. I currently have in the back of my van about 3 boxes and 2 bags of stuff and also a very rusty trunk that needs to go to some where else.  I have an excuse for buying everything, really.

The purse I picked up because I liked it. I didn't see that it said Kate Spade on the tag. Kate Spade would not have made it to the bargain center or have been overlooked by the two "ladies" who grabbed all of the purses that even appeared to be good. Bad move. The beige shoes were picked up in the bargain center as well for two reasons. They were a size 10 and I didn't recognize the brand. When it came time to sort through everything I was tired and just let them go on the scale. When I hauled them home I found they were vinyl, not leather, and not in good shape. Bad move. The cute little rain boots I did examine. They were fine, just dirty so they came home with me. They got squished in the bag with all of the tennis shoes and ended up in the hot car for two days before being unloaded. When I was getting ready to clean them I noticed that they were cracked on the front, not one but both of them. Bad move. The little cup was so cute that I picked it up at a thrift in Atlanta. It was $2 and I did check the sales before I paid. Sell through was around $10-12 so I picked it up on the reasoning that it was cute, different and I liked it. Bad move. When I was getting ready to wash it I found two small chips on the handle that I KNOW were not there when I purchased. I must have damaged them myself in the trip home. I wrapped it up and put it in with soft stuff, but I guess I didn't handle it carefully enough. Bad move.

The rusty trunk in my van wasn't a reject because of the rusty trunk. I purchased it several years ago at an auction for $5 and it was filled with 60's and 70's vintage fabric, trim and buttons. I have already made my money back on it 10X and have only sold the trim, buttons and a couple pieces of fabric. I still have a big tote full of fabric from the trunk that should bring in another $100 in the long run. Not a quick return, but a big one in the end.

So next time I think instead of buying junk that I will just throw $4 out the window and let someone else benefit from my mistakes.

So, what is in your reject pile?


  1. Oh..I do have when that happens. Doesn't happen often, but it does happen more than I'd like. I am always rushing when I go thrifting and need to remind myself to inspect things better!

    Margaret @ Live Like No One Else

  2. I'm trying to tell myself that I don't know everything and look it up on the phone. But sometimes the shopping high just gets you...

  3. Sometimes the designer stuff like the purse is a gamble. I bought a pair of shoes that I thought were Coach, being that we have a Coach outlet nearby and the store I got them at is frequented by people with ungodly amounts of money it is not unusual to find REAL designer items in our Goodwill. However after I got them home the more I looked at them the soles were not so well made and I started to worry if they were fake that I could get in trouble on E-Bay. Sometimes finding an exact item online is hard. at least it was only $3!