front porch trash

front porch trash

Friday, September 28, 2012


I have lots of stuff.

I don't need more stuff.

And yet, here I have another pile of stuff.

I have been really good about listing my stuff this past week. Over on ebug we have had a challenge to Strive for Five. List five things every day. I have been able to do that and several days I listed more than five. I had boots, shoes and Halloween stuff that needed to be listed and those days I listed more than 5. It hasn't really helped with sales for the most part. (One day I sold a pair of Sanita clog boots and now I get an email that they are too big and she wants to return. Have you ever worn clogs before? They are supposed to be loose.)

With that being said, I went shopping again on Thursday.

I have found that Thursday is the day that my favorite thrift cleans out the racks. Last week was a bust. Not much new stuff. Everything was picked over and some plain junk. I only managed to spend about $5 in the 4/$1 bins. That's like nothing for me. It could have been because they are opening another store across town.

This week was much better. You could tell that the bins had new stuff laying on top. Bingo!! So of course I went crazy and spent $14!! Five of that was for a bag of FP Little People Castle figures and furniture. That was a good deal!  I'll get my money back for my entire shopping trip from that little $5 bag.

Well, here is my pile before I sorted to get the laundry going.
In there are about 5 wool sweaters, 6 new t shirts, cotton pj's, a vintage sheet, several women's silk blouses and men's shirts.

Also went to an area church run thrift that is really big. They have a lot of different churches involved in this thrift and it is always really clean and well organized. I usually find stitchery kits or charts but today they didn't have any complete kits. Just a bunch of bags of odds and ends. But in the fabrics they did have these:
Those are Daisy Kingdom fabric panels of Raggedy Ann and Andy and also fabric panels of clothes for the dolls. These have a great sell thru rate. They only had one panel of the dolls but several of the clothing panels, $1 each. Also had a few other seasonal applique panels that I picked up(50 & 75c). Picked up two cashmere sweaters, $3 each and 3 good skirts(one suede) for $3 each. Their prices are just a bit above 25c, but the quality is really good and almost all of their things are inspected and are really clean.

Also found this in the toys. Like I need more toys. It is from 1992, so not vintage, but all the pieces are there($1). The 7 and the Princess. And you get the thrill of setting up a 3D game.(yeah?)

So, hope your thrifting was good this week.
Now forward to laundry, photos, editing and listing.
The fun stuff is over. Now down to work, Ugh!!

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