front porch trash

front porch trash

Friday, September 21, 2012


I knew I shouldn't have promised myself.

It never turns out pretty.

Yesterday was inventory acquisition day and I passed by the mugs twice without stopping and then I saw this...

 How could I pass up this much Cattitude? Two pink mugs and two green mugs, why that is a set of mugs. And it made it much better that the original sticker was still on the mugs. Of course the zealous TS clerk made sure to put the price right on top of the bar code. Huesnbrews is the name of the mugs and they are kinda pricy. The teapot goes from $25-40 and the tea for one goes for $20+. An ivory mug recently sold on Bonanza for $18, one gently used mug.

I hope I can forgive myself for my transgression.

I also got a Dilbert and a Sandra Boynton mug for free at my favorite thrift. Nothing wrong with them so I haven't a clue why they were in the free box. But they are mine all mine.....

See the tea cup on the front left. It is Pillivuyt French porcelain and new. That was acquired on my recent Atlanta trip. The thing on the left of the cup is an infusion basket and lid for the cup so you can use tea leaves or herbs. I haven't found one online yet so I don't know what it will go for. I sold some luncheon plates in a similar patter of Pillivuyt this year for $25 each so I know I can get a good price.

Well so much for my resolution to not buy any mugs.

I think I shall kick myself all the way to the bank, hopefully.


  1. oh i am drooling over those amazing cat mugs!!

  2. Let's see....we have three cats. That's a cup for each one and one for me. That'll work!!
    Sadly, I'm a reseller and they are going to be listed in the next few days.