front porch trash

front porch trash

Friday, August 17, 2012


I told SweetiePie the other day that I really enjoy learning new things. Well, I guess he had already figured that out a long time ago. Before kids, I would devour books weekly. A trait that was passed along to our two girls. They both love to read.

Why did I tell him that particular day that I loved learning new things? This is the reason
I went to my favorite thrift store on Wednesday. Because that is the day they do a BIG purge of the racks and the cheap-o bins are full of new stuff.
I found this in the ladies lingerie section, not in the bins. Now, at first glance it may look like a girdle or body shaper of some kind. But no it isn't.

Research. It has a brand name. It lists for $129 on that brand name web site. Care to guess?

It is a Hincapie bib cycling shorts thingy. Dare I say outfit? And, it is new.  Yeah!!! And another added bonus is that ladies clothing was 50% off on Wednesday. Double Yeah!!!

Yes, I had never heard of that brand before either. I have purchased cycling apparel before but never this brand. You can bet that it will be on my radar from now on.
Yes indeed.

It would be so nice to sell this before vacation. I hope to get it listed for Friday or Saturday.

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