front porch trash

front porch trash

Saturday, April 28, 2012


I love to find bags of stuff...little stuff like sewing notions, knitting and crochet stuff and just lots of stuff. I have had lots of luck with sorting these things into groups and listing on ebay. Sewing notions, vintage, do really well and knitting and crochet needles do really well if you have an assortment rather than just one pair. Everyone likes a bargain.
So when I spotted this zip lock bag with scissors, needles and just stuff in it I picked it up. I saw a white piece of fabric folded up and thought it was cross stitch fabric. When I got home and unfolded it this is what I found.......absolutely. beautiful. Someone, probably a young mother or a grandmother, put a lot of hard work into this sampler. It is almost finished. Monday's girl just needs the mirror behind her and Thursday's boy need the frame of his bicycle finished. But if I were to frame it I would leave it just like it is.

                                But what makes this find really special is the little note attached, "Buy frame & frame this". I will be listing this this coming week on ebay and the note goes with it, to remind the new owner the proper thing to do with this vintage lovely.

Hope everyone finds something special this week end. Yard I come.....

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