front porch trash

front porch trash

Friday, April 27, 2012


Somehow when you find a box at a yard sale marked "Nana's Xmas Figurines" you hope that Nana had good taste and it isn't the stuff that little Billy made in Bible School.....

This time Nana had good taste. Most of the stuff in the box was Napco, with stickers, no chips and just beautiful.
The little angels singing are flocked which is unusual for Napco, hopefully more money. The taller girls and boy singers are marked Fine Quality "A" Japan and I have sold single ones in the past for $10-12 each. The little elf has spaghetti on her skirt, that gets broken easily and it is perfect.
These little kissing angels are adorable and in perfect condition even though the red glaze is not perfect, it was made as a cheap export from Japan for American consumption. Some of the Napco figures have the original price in pencil on the bottom and are from 1956.
See the scruffly little green trees that have very tiny pipe cleaner ornies on them and are mounted on a slice of tree? They are Napco! I have never seen any of those before.  The Empire State Building and Chrysler Building are S&P and are silver. The little birds are hand carved from the NC mountains craft school. The Moses figure in the back is a molded figure that is old but I can't find any info on him. The knitting needles were in the bottom of the box, a freebie.
And an assortment of other stuff. A tin childs cup with circus figures,  a English Bovril beef bouillion tin,
a fish hook tin filled with hand tied flies(beautiful) and a typewriter ribbon tin. The razor is a Remington Duchess and the green ceramic tile soap dish is from the 40's or 50's.
And a box of Shiney Brites!!  I think Nana had pretty good taste.

I found all of these in one box. The grandson running the yard sale wanted $50 for the entire box because there was a Peter Rabbit plate in the box that was "worth $30 or $40". Well, not with a big crack in the middle!! So I told him I was only interested in the Christmas goodies and he "let me have" the entire kit and kaboodle for $20. I thought that was a good price and whipped my $20 out before he could change his mind.

That was our first yard sale of the day and it turned out to be the best.

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