front porch trash

front porch trash

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Thanks ebay, You're So Efficient...?

I was thrilled last week when I sold this Sony Playstation 3. I picked it up at a yard sale and paid more for it than I usually pay at yard sales, $25. But the seller said they really didn't play games, just used it to watch movies and recently upgraded to a PS4.
I got it listed pretty quickly for me, within a week. I'm trying to be good and get the big stuff listed so I can put it away and I don't have to look at stuff just staring at me to be listed.

I noticed the buyer had zero feedback. I have had good luck with selling to zero feedback. And he was an international sale. Not a problem.. until now.

I received a notice from USPS on Sunday that it had arrived in Miami on 8-24-14 and had departed on its way to final destination.

The ever vigilant ebay sent me a notice today, 8-25-14 stating:

"We had to cancel bids for the buyer,******, because they aren't registered on eBay:

161388596360 - Sony Playstation 3 Black Piano Model CEDHK01 80gb
In these types of situations, we'll credit the final value fee for removed listings won by this buyer, and also the insertion fee if it was a single-quantity listing. 
All associated fees have been credited."

The buyer paid promptly and everything seemed fine, so I shipped. Now I can only hope that the buyer contacts ebay and gets everything squared away or the package gets sent back to me for some reason.

Great...why couldn't this have happened to that tube of hemorrhoid cream I shipped to Sweden instead ?



  1. Sorry to hear about this. eBay should have some sort of automatic block that keeps unregistered buyers from making purchases in the first place. I hope you get paid or get your item back.

  2. I've already gotten paid, that's why I shipped. But my problem is that ebay took so long to notify me that I had already shipped. If the person is not registered, how did they bid?

  3. maybe they were registered, bought your item and closed their account? although that would be odd. Hopefully you get to keep your money and you were not scammed. I try not to ship high dollar items internationally