front porch trash

front porch trash

Wednesday, October 2, 2013


As an ebay seller I often scroll my listings to see what people are watching. I know that most of the watchers are probably other ebay sellers watching to see if mine sells and if they need to raise or lower their prices. I guess that's part of ebay.

But yesterday I was scrolling through my list and saw a view count of 110. Wow that's a lot of views for something that has only been listed for a few days. What in the world could it be?

When I found this I thought it was cute. Someone has one listed for $35, which I think is a little crazy but they may get that price. I don't think so.
Mine is cute, clean and pre-owned. I dislike the term ebay uses for some things as used. How they decide to use pre-owned for some listing and used for others is beyond me.

My guess for the view count is my title. I listed him as Super Hero Bear. Must be coming up when Halloween items are being looked at. Hey...that's a plus.

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