front porch trash

front porch trash

Thursday, June 27, 2013


I found this vintage sheet at my favorite thrift the other day and fell in love with the bright colors.

Reminds me a lot of an Easter dress I had way back in the late 60's. Orange, yellow, green bold design dress. Only I had a bright yellow Nehru coat and yellow hat to match and orange patent leather purse and shoes to complete the daring outfit. I was styling..... I'm surprised I didn't burn some retina at church that day. I don't think I ever wore the yellow coat or hat again, but my girls played dress up with the orange purse when they were little.

Ok, back from the trip down memory lane.

Here is the sheet I need help with. It fits a double bed and I probably won't use it for linens but for a craft project of some kind. Thanks for any help.

Talking to snails, what have you been eating?
What is that blue animal? And what about a purple
moose? Are your eyes dilated? That frog is
definitely on something...

Ah, now I see ... all the mushrooms.....

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