front porch trash

front porch trash

Monday, April 8, 2013


The wait is over.
Yard sales are back in town!!!

I have been to a few yard sales in the past several weekends, but nothing spectacular. It was cold and windy and when the weather is bad I tend to look really fast. I am sure I missed something that would have made me a million dollars (yeah right!!) but it was just too cold and nasty to find it.

But that is all over with now. They. Are. Back.
In browsing craigslist on Friday night there were dozens of yard sales in a 10 mile radius of my house. Be still my heart!!! Now to choose just the right ones.....

There was one just around the corner from my house that yielded this
and also the boxed set of American Girl books that the stable is sitting on. The bag with the stable and mini whinnies also had some Cars cars from McDonalds.

The next stop yielded this
times two.They are 3 pc sets of children's dinnerware in bone china and the animals are so cute.Don't know why there were two but I'll take them for $1 a set. They are Italian by Andrea Fontebasso. Never heard of her and ebay didn't have anything like this by her.

The rest of the stops are bundled into this box:
The little cat purse is so cute. I wish it were my size;) The fabric folded on the side is a book waiting to be sewn. It is about saving the planet by recycling. My kinda book.
The Berenguer baby doll is used for reborn dolls. I find them creepy but maybe that is just me.Mrs. Frizzle is in good shape and I couldn't resist the Eeyore plush. A vinyl keyboard that plugs in via a USB port will go in my bag for use with my laptop. I absolutely hate to use my old laptop keyboard because I am constantly hitting the wrong keys. They are just in the wrong place!! Under the keyboard is a big bag of Easy Bake Oven and Mixer accessories. Also found were 10 Care Bear vinyl figurines from the 80's, 2 Smurf figurines from the 80's and 3 other small vinyl figures. 10 cents each.They were taking a bath when I took pics.

You can't see the bag under the dolls but it is a plastic grocery bag full of Polly Pocket, Playmobil, LPS and just all kinds of small toys. The bag was $2, and I "think" I can make my money back. At the same sale that I picked up the bag of small toys I got 5 pair of old glasses with wire frames and 3 glasses cases, and this little cutie from the FREE box.
This set is so small and so cute. I don't know how all of the pieces have stayed together for so long. I just love tiny things. Maybe its because you can buy more tiny things that take up less room!!!

A church sale down the road yielded delicious brownies these clothes and a MCM box with ceramic tile on top. I don't know what was in the box. Either knives or fondue forks. But it is empty now. Among the clothes are a new/tags bib snowpants Mens XL, Not your daughters jeans, two pair Kim Rogers capri pants, three red t shirts and a denim skirt. Why do people cut all of the tags off of their clothes? How are we suppose to sell them when we don't know what size or brand they are?

Reminds me of Georges Briard
And I made a new friend. She is kinda tiny, but she eats like a bird. And she has a giant dog!!! Digging those earth sandals!!!

How was your yard sale weekend?


  1. no yard sales here yet. It's been raining on and off the last two days. I did find some good stuff at the thrift store but since my ebay sales are so slow, I have not gone to goodwill in almost two weeks

    1. Gosh, it was in the mid 80's here today. I don't think I have been to Goodwill in 3 or more weeks. My downfall is my favorite thrift that has the 25c bins. They raised the price to $1 in December, but lowered it in January. Things started piling up. I'll risk a quarter but not a dollar on some items and I think others felt the same. The bins are calling me......

  2. Yard sales haven't really started in full swing yet here in the north! I can't wait though. Hoping to find a few in the coming weeks. You had some great finds!


  3. The problem here is all the pollen. Everything is green and makes your eyes water.