front porch trash

front porch trash

Friday, January 6, 2012


Thrift Store pickin' has been great this past week.
The stores are packed with things people are getting rid of because of holiday gifts, change of season or just plain stuff that is in the way and needs to GO!


Went out twice this week "a pickin'" and found some good things and some just ok things. I guess you can't have all good stuff.

I have been having good luck with the 4/$1 bins at the really big thrift store lately. I picked up these jeans and looked them over for holes and checked the zipper, button and all of the regular stuff. How could I have missed that BIG ink stain on the pocket?

That's okay. Cause I just sold them for 32 times what I paid for them.(listed less than 5 hours!!) I know, I takes just as much time to list something for $8 as it does to list something for $50.
But, let's face it more of us have $8 than $50 to spend on one item.
Got this on the same trip and listed it for a bit more than the jeans because there is nothing wrong with it, well it does have wear. But don't we all?

I feel so good today that I might just have to hit the store again and again and again........


  1. Great job! Doesn't that feel awesome? The average person might not buy those, but someone who wants to alter them, and if they were a good brand - they are perfect! I've been having good luck too! January is thrifting heaven!

  2. I just bought a boys Columbia jacket and the cuffs are dirty I was hoping it would come off in the wash but it did not. I listed it anyway Hopefully it will sell. Congrats on your sale. All those $8 sales add up

  3. I bought a Nike jacket and the white cuffs had an oily dirt on them. I wet a bar of Octagon soap and rubbed some on and it got most of the dirt off. My grandmother used Octagon soap on everything.

  4. Ill have to see if I can find any of that soap around here