front porch trash

front porch trash

Sunday, January 22, 2012


When I started this blog my goal was to provide tips and ways I save money by making things myself. Like soap, bread, and homemade anything that I can make cheaper than a store bought mix. I still do that and now that I have figured out the cost savings will probably always do the homemade thing. But it has been a long time since I have had time to search out new things and new ways to save a few cents.

My focus lately has been on buying treasures to resell and make some income. That is a time consuming job. Especially if your household income depends on making some extra bucks. We have learned rather quickly that a fixed income sucks, big time. Oh, we knew it would be different, but the reality is always different from the what ifs. Now, if we could only figure out how to pick the winning lottery number we would have it made.

So, the point of my blog today is that I have finally found some really cute vintage things AND remembered to take pics of them before I listed them. So my brain is finally slowing down and taking time to grasp reality!!

These were my vintage finds from several trips to various favorite TS.

I love the sneaky little fox S&P. And they were marked (Napco) which makes them easier to sell. The oriental planter is really cute and was a cheap, unmarked  Japan export. She has lips but no eyes! The little duck with the measuring spoon tail is my favorite. I just wish that TS employees would limit their use of tape on vintage ceramic. That tape could pull paint off a battleship!!
The little choir boy(?) is so cute. For some reason it reminds me of my Aunt Ruth. I think she had some that she displayed at Christmas. It certainly was not any of my cousins!!
The food chopper in the back is in perfect condition. I love the aqua, it is the color of the walls in my kitchen. The rooster mug is from 1965 Berggren Traynor and says, "Coffee maketh bright the spirit", that and caffeine.
That little Japanese planter was so dirty when I picked it up. There was still a piece of the plant that had been planted in it stuck up inside the lady figure, YUCK. I wonder what she has written on the planter.

Well, those are my finds for the last couple of weeks. Hope you had good luck finding what you needed.


  1. I always pick up Berggren items when I see them. The aqua chopper is a very nice find. Good luck with your sales.❤

  2. I love the fox s&p shakers and also the duck Great finds I also find it annoying when things are wrapped in tape. The other day I got a puzzle for Ryker and when I removed the tape, part of the picture came of with it Grrrr

  3. If only the tape that I use to ship with were as good as the TS tape!!

  4. If only the tape that I use to ship with were as good as the TS tape!!