front porch trash

front porch trash

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Mother Nature Working---Not Me

Just staying warm and dry and it seems that I cook every 30 minutes and wash dishes every 32 minutes.

Mother Nature really knows how to dress things up...been snowing since about 9am and we have 4+ inches and it hasn't slowed down yet.
 At the front door

Stacked up on the deck
There is over an inch on the clothes line. Mother Nature covers everything  

Time for a big pot of soup!!


  1. It's been pretty cold and snowy here too. Makes it hard to want to do anything. The last 3 weeks, I have been taking care of my 85 year old father. That makes it twice as hard to get out and do anything

    1. I hear you about trying to get anything done with an older person in tow. SweetiePie has dementia and its like taking a 200 lb toddler with you shopping, but one that walks at negative mph and won't use a wheel chair. Spring can't be far away. Can it?